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Quantum Tantra

The past few years I’ve been on a deep healing journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through yoga, meditation, sound healing, crystal therapy, energy work, and intuitive touch I learned how to mend my broken heart after an wildly transformative twin flame relationship.

That relationship cracked me wide open and revealed hidden gifts I wasn’t aware I had. I’ve learned how to intuitively use tantric practices to calm the nervous system and awaken and energize the inner shakti. In a 2hr session I’ll use a crystal bio-mat, incense, chocolate, sound therapy, crystal healing, oracle cards, and intuitive touch to guide you to ethereal healing realms that are really beyond words.

A few of the women I’ve worked with have done their best to translate the experience. If this experience is calling to you you can schedule a session HERE.

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Dijon's understanding of the spirit is profound and it translates naturally to the body. His ability to drop in to place of authenticity and pure love in his Quantum Tantra sessions acts as an invitation, it's inspired. Intuitively Dijon incorporates techniques such as sound therapy, touch, and incense to bring awareness, healing; and like all great teachers, he sees the unique desires and needs of each client and provides a safe space to access the higher self.



I feel so fortunate to have had a healing session with Dijon. First off, Dijon has the most beautiful healing space. From the moment I stepped into the space, I immediately shifted into ease from the serenity and calming energy of the environment. Dijon is incredibly intuitive, very gentle in his healing practices, and was truly attuned to my own energy and how I was feeling moment to moment.

I’ve had healing sessions and bodywork before, but this was the first time I’ve ever had a healing while laying on a biomat infused with crystals. Let me tell you, this is a gamechanger. Laying on the biomat, I could feel the cells within my body ignite.

Dijon masterfully crafts a trifecta of all my favorite modes of healing, from sound healing to crystal infusion to sensory and healing tough through bodywork. I felt a shift in my energy as the healing work progressed, and even felt the electricity of my energy travel up from my feet to my spine. It was POWERFUL. The healing was also an amazing experience in shedding what no longer was serving me. I left the session feeling so light, empowered, and confident in my truth. Thank you Dijon!



One overcast morning, in the middle of summer, I woke up anticipating the day ahead of me. I wasn't quite certain of the specific gifts that were in store, but I could feel them. I had already made plans to meet with Dijon that morning with nothing really specific in mind. It’s always something new and interesting when we meet.

When I arrived at his house, he made us delicious mushroom chocolate coffee and we took the most beautiful walk around Mariner's Village. If you do not already know, there are trees and wildlife and little waterfalls everywhere... it is wonderfully tranquil. We spoke about life, things going on for each of us at the time, the beauty of cocreation, the magic of our minds etc... It went on and on.

Dijon is particularly good at holding space and listening with a certain interest in the things I say. I know it is a gift of his. We made our way back to his lovely home space at which point I found myself buzzing from the energy. A lot of things were churning in my life and Dijon could sense it. He offered a sound bath to ground me and I graciously accepted.

The sound bath was so lovely. I almost can't put it into words. It started from my toes and used different instruments to reverberate the sound through my body. Moved up all the way to my head. At that moment, to my surprise, I felt what could only be described as a bolt of electricity that shot straight down from the tip of my head all the way to my toes.

I'm not sure what that experience was but I was electrified when I left. I consider myself to be a highly sensitive person and not once did I feel uncomfortable or as if there was any improprietous intent on Dijon's part. Dijon gave me a gift of a beautiful experience I can hardly explain and that I am grateful for to this day.

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Dijon creates a very beautiful, deeply calming and healing space. He holds the sacred masculine energy creating a container that allows you to truly relax into a space of rejuvenation and regeneration. I came in feeling totally out of control and within minutes I felt myself return to a place of source, love and serenity.

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Receiving a massage from Dijon was much more than just a physical release of tension in my body, it was a spiritual experience. Throughout our session I was able to feel the presence of my soul in different areas of my body that I normally wouldn’t, such as my toes, elbows, ear lobes, etc.! Bringing light and love energy into those areas allowed me to feel more connected and whole at the end of the session. If you are looking to reconnect with your body through a yummy sensory experience, Dijon is the healer for you!

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"Dijon provided a welcoming and warm space for me to let go of tension and revel in experiencing my own radiance and self-loving essence. His tantric wisdom and compassionate touch offered me a beautiful unfolding of embodied, spiritual, and sensual bliss.

For the first time in a long time I felt the divine feminine expand and soar within me, which was unbelievable. Our session stayed with me for weeks to follow as I moved through my life more open to receive the people, work and feelings that I desire. At the time of our session I was healing a broken heart. To my surprise receiving a tantric session with Dijon was the right nectar with emotional support that I needed to rejuvenate and celebrate my gifts again.

I felt spirituality and sensuality unite in moments of sweetness and joy. I would absolutely recommend this experience for any woman who wishes to remember why she was created to be worshiped."