Ignite Your Legend

A 1 Day Immersive Experience


Heaven on Earth is here…NOW.

Are you ready to reconnect with your TRUE SELF and enter the kingdom?

One of the greatest tricks played on humanity was convincing people heaven was something to be experienced as a reward after a life well lived.

The idea that the reward comes later keeps up following the rules and submitting to the status quo. We postpone our dreams, medicating with substance, enmeshed in codependent relationships, living below our full potential.

The truth is that you are a divine being and Heaven is your birthright.

You are already whole. Everything you need to live in BLISS is already inside of you.


I’m here to help you reconnect with the FLOW and embody your full potential.

We’ve all heard of the ‘FLOW’, but what does that really mean?

FLOW is an experience of existence that is outside of time. One that allows you to move through each moment effortlessly guided by intuition.

It’s the state of harmony you observe birds in when they’re flying in perfect formation.

Maybe you’ve tapped into the flow before, during a psychedelic experience, or in the intoxication of a new romance, and everything seemed perfect…but then that feeling ended. The question is…how does one sustain such states?

The answer is…by claiming your sovereignty and making choices that align you to DIVINE FREQUENCIES.

When you tap into this elevated state of awareness, relationships flow with ease, inspiration comes organically, and joy is your default mode of operation.

This experience is curated to allow your nervous system to relax so that you can attune your vibration to the FREQUENCY of HEAVEN.

Your SOUL is ready to live through you. Are you open to receive it?


The Experience

6:30am - Sunrise

We begin the day by greeting the sun on the beach. True ease comes from alignment with natural forces.

We can learn so much about unconditional love from the sun. The sun gives life to everything in it’s radius without expecting anything in return.

7:15am - Gong Fu Tea Ceremony + Breakfast

This Chinese style tea ceremony will drop you into deep presence. The elegance of the ceremony will lift your spirits. We’ll take in the artisanal loose leaf tea in silence as silence is the language of the soul.